Mapping the city


at Alliance Française

Space-Time and Place explores perceptions of space – human interactions, behaviour and discovery – across the Indian subcontinent from 15th- to early-20th centuries. It juxtaposes traditional Indian notions of space-time and cosmology with the almost contemporaneous emergence of western mapping.
The thematic structure of the exhibition traverses ‘Early Conceptions’ of cosmology and the western discovery of the Indian sub-continent; an insight to Movement – traditional pilgrimage narratives alongside scientific representation of transport modes; representations of Conflict; Place geographies – both local and regional; and finally the construction of India as a unified entity which survives to this day.
This is probably the first time that such a comparative discourse of Indian and Western, and, Cosmological and Cartographic traditions have been thematically blended towards a deeper understanding of a uniquely Indian space-time duality.

The exhibition Mapping the City brings together artworks of upcoming contemporary artists based in Hyderabad whose works have been inspired by the rich cultural and historical heritage of the city. Maps or Cartography become the lens through which each of the artists attempts to layout their personal experience of the city as a site of exploration and memory. With ‘new media’ as their primary medium of expression, the group of artists assure in a fresh approach to art making.

Featuring Artists: Masuram Ravikanth, Asgar Ali Muhammed, A. Prasanti, Taviti Raju, V.Subhashini, M VS Bhargavi Latha and Nirmala Biluka

Curated by Dr. Vivek Nanda and Dr. Alex Johnson, the exhibition features maps from the Prashant K Lahoti collection – a treasure trove of old folk paintings to modern and contemporary art, that now are part of Kalakriti Archives. The exhibited collectibles are also available on Google Cultural Institute.


As part of the Krishnakriti Festival 2018 and Bonjour India Festival, the exhibition will also take place in Goethe Zentrum Hyderabad and Kalakriti Art Gallery with:

Mapping Frontiers

The exhibition, Mapping Frontiers is themed around varied interpretations and manifestations of the act of mapping, seeking to build relationships between the cosmological, physical, personal and imaginary worlds. The compilation of works will extend and reference the vast collection of cartographic works in the collection of Prshant Lahoti. Artists are invited to explore the various dimensions of mapping, orienting the work broadly to the concept note. We are constantly locating ourselves in space, within time and history, within a series of ever expanding frontiers and boundaries marked by geographies, politics, cultures and social structures. Current technology provides multiple tools to measure, indicate, and define specific physical and spatial maps, sometimes virtually. On the other hand, divinations of other worldly dimensions, and measures of cosmic and mythological geographies also exist in every culture with ancient roots. Individuals are drawn to express maps of private and internal phenomenon, combining reality with imagination, and memory with experiential existence. Looking within the subtexts one can find a distinct pathway to navigate through various layers of earthly life, and what lies beyond its peripheries in the realm of the unknown.

Featuring Artists: Avijit Dutta, Bapi Das, Ravinder Dutt, Muhammad Zeeshan, Aditya Basak, Sujith S N, Saju Kunhan, Alok Bal, Moutushi Chakraborty, Amitabh Sengupta, Bhavani G S, Madhu Venugopalan, Charmi Gada Shah, Manju Mohandas, DLN Reddy, Dhiraj Pednekar, Seema Kohli, Chitravanu Mazumdar, Atul Dodiya, Ghulam Muhammad Sheikh and Pankaj Sekhsaria.


Exhibitions at the three venues, Goethe Zentrum, Alliance Francaise and Kalakriti Art gallery will remain open till 25 January 2018