Aasharadhika has been practicing Egg Tempera since the last two decades.  She had more than twenty solo shows to her credit and many more group shows.  She had been studying the girl child, the pivotal role of women in various fields of life.   Her paintings depict mostly the surroundings around her including her daughter, neices, cousins and friends.  There are also various elements of nature, birds, fishes  and animals.

The present series ‘MAYA..the myth’ is all about the influence of myth on the girl child, women in context to the telugu movie Maya  Bazaar.  She says every one adores the characters involved in the movie.   She also says while these kind of mythological movies influence the Indian households.  As well the traditions involved are passed on to children.  Though there’s no intentional learning involved every human being picks up the ethics and morals which were watched in the movies as kids.

She has executed the works in egg tempera, acrylic and lots of silver and gold to depict.