(A photographic tribute on his 50th Death Anniversary)

Exhibition Open From March 15 to 30th between 10am-5pm

Note from the author
Chandigarh has the unique attribute of being the only completely inhabited city designed by Le Corbusier. I consider myself fortunate that this city has been my home for more than three decades now. During these years I have travelled to various parts of the world but when I return there is always a sense of homecoming. I feel that I am returning to a city, which is tranquil, beautiful and well ordered, where humanity, architecture and nature exist in close harmony.

My reading of Le Corbusier’s book “Towards A New Architecture” has inspired the present photography exhibition. In this book he speaks about the great primary forms of geometry: cubes, cones, spheres, cylinders and pyramids. I would like to quote Le Corbusier in this regard: “Architecture is the masterly, correct and magnificent play of masses brought together in light. Our eyes are made to see forms in light. Light and shade reveal them. The image of these forms is distinct and tangible within us, without ambiguity. It is for this reason that themy are the most beautiful forms.” I view a camera as a receptacle for light. The lens is an eye and the sensor is the soul of the camera. Imagining a whole city as a receptacle of light, as Le Corbusier did, is an exhilarating vision. The complex interplay of shadows and highlights in the architecture of Chandigarh is particularly enthralling as a photographer.
About the Author
Ajay Bhatia is a documentary photographer from Chandigarh engaged in travel, event and architectural photography. His work explores the contemporary spirit and lifestyle of modern cities and the traditional essence, heritage and culture of historical cities, towns and villages of India. He is also interested in documenting the rhythms, colors and energy of the traditional dance, music and folk art of India. Ajay believes that the Indian subcontinent is a land of great diversity and beauty. “One would need several lifetimes to exhaust its infinite photographic possibilities.” But he hopes to create a photographic memory of as many regions of the land as he is able to visit. The present exhibition is his third exhibition in as many years. His first photography exhibition entitled “The Hidden Beauty of the City Beautiful” was held in collaboration with Government Museum & Art Gallery, Chandigarh. His second photography exhibition hosted by the Alliance Francaise, Chandigarh was entitled “Straight Lines, Open Spaces” (The Legacy of Le Corbusier).

Inauguration on 16th March at 7pm| Program of the evening

  1. Interraction with the photography Ajay Bhatia
  2. Short Films:
    2. WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD (B&W | 2013–‐2014)