WWI_Exhibition Picture

The Alliance Française of Hyderabad, Goethe-Zentrum with the support of The Government of Telangana, the British Deputy High Commission Hyderabad, the Consul General of France, and The Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany are organizing a homage ceremony at the World War I (WWI) Monument in Chaderghat in order to create awareness on the disastrous effects of the war and also recount the untold stories of Indian soldiers who fought in this war. The idea is to spread a message of peace through this ceremony.

The year 2014 marks the hundredth anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, a tragic conflict that has shaped world history ever since.The impact of the First World War on the colonies was profound and many-sided. A conflict that began in the Balkans turned into a general European war in July and August 1914, and then took on extra-European dimensions, as some of the belligerent states ranked as the most important colonial powers globally. It also had special relevance to the Indian subcontinent as Britain, the ruling colonial power mobilised 1.5 million Indian soldiers during the war of which about 75000 soldiers were killed.