About the film
Director :Céline Sciamma
First release: 2010
Casting:Zoé Héran, Malonn Lévana, Sophie Carrani, Mathieu Demy
Duration: 82’ Genre: Drama
French with English subtitles

Synopsis : Laure, 10 years old, is definitely a tomboy. She and her family have just moved into a new neighborhood. Although the little girl longs to make friends her age, she isn’t quite certain how to go about it. Then, one day, she meets Lisa, and  the two girls get hit off. However, when Lisa makes the assumption that her new friend is a boy, Laure takes the identity of Mikael, and quitely plays along. Before long, Mikael has made friends with the other children in the neighbourhood as well. Meanwhile, the closer Lisa and Mikael become, the more delicate Laure’s deception grows.

Tomboy has received several prizes including a Golden Duke and the main prize of the official competition of the 2011 Odessa International Film Festival. Zoe Héran, the lead actress, was also nominated for the Young Artist Award as Best Leading Young Performer in an International Feature Film.