a warm-hearted French comedy- with English subtitles 
by French Film Director Léa Fazer
(Duration: 81 min)

Year: 2014
Chicago International Film Festival 2014
Magritte Awards, Belgium 2015

Henry, a young actor, finds himself cast in a movie by the legendary independent filmmaker Cédric Rovère. Even though the conditions during the shoot aren’t quite what Henri expected, he is won over by the charms of his on-screen partner and the generosity of the master filmmaker, and emerges transformed by the experience. Rovère is also won over by Henri’s eager imagination and youthful spirit, and views the film shoot as an unexpected gift.

The film stars Pio Marmaï, Michael Lonsdale, Déborah François, Alice Belaïdi and Nicolas Bridget.

Free entry, seating on first come first basis