About the film
English Title: Bicycling With Molière
Director :Patrice Le Guay
First release: 2012
Casting: Fabrice Luchini, Lambert Wilson, Maya Sansa
Duration: 101’ Genre: Comedy
French with English subtitles

Synopsis : Serge Tanneur, a once reasonably successful actor who, embittered by showbiz backstabbing, has quit the stage and now lives alone in a tumbledown house in the remote Île de Ré is tempted out of retirement by a TV soap star Gauthier Valence, who wants his old friend to join him in a production of The Misanthrope. But, who will play Alceste, and who Philinte? Serge suspects that he will be made to play the supporting role in Gauthier’s ego trip; Gauthier on the other hand feels that Serge is petulantly wasting his time, and thus starts the sparky, quarrelsome relationship between the two…

Accolades : In January 2014, the film received three nominations at the 39th César Awards.