Our Metropolis, 11am
By Gautam Sonti & Usha Rao

Bangalore is being refashioned as a ‘world-class’ metropolis. Livelihoods and homes make way for flyovers, glitzy malls and a shiny Metro. Threatened with violent transformation of their city, residents confront the authorities. Beneath the State’s ideal of a ‘global city’ lurks the intent to clear a pasture for big business.


A Tongue United: The Story of Dakhani, 2pm
By Gautam Pemmaraju

A Tongue United: The Story of Dakhani is a film about a fallen language and its rich history. A vernacular form of Urdu spoken across the Deccan region of central and south India, it was written out of history books and over 350 years of its classical literature has remained in the shadows. But there are many who keep the spoken form alive through their everyday pithy, folksy humour. While exploring the poetry of modern era satirists, this film simultaneously traces the journey of the language over time till its precipitous fall in the early 18thcentury.