Music expresses that which cannot be said, and on which, it is impossible to be silent. -Victor HUGO

For France, since 1982, June the 21st is not just the summer solstice but also the day to savour music in all its forms – La Fête de la Musique . For 39 years, Fête de la Musique has been a confluence of exponents and lovers of different genres of music, not just in France, but across the globe. Also christened World Music Day, it celebrates a common, unfettered, barrierless love for music.

This year, Alliance Française of Hyderabad is proud to announce its latest project in collaboration with French Embassy in India (Ambassade de France en Inde), French Institute in India (Institute Français India), the Alliances Françaises in India and This web radio project brings Fête de la Musique/World Music Day to India, yet again.

The two-week program, from June the 7th to June the 21st 2021,  features a variety of audio shows such as interviews, podcasts, curated playlists and radio exchanges live on and Some of the programmes will also be available as live videos on Facebook.


We begin on June the 7th at 11am with a smorgasbord of curated playlists from the likes of Rounak Maiti, Spryk, Lush Lata, Shireen, Roychuu, Stalvart John, Kaleekarma, Nephra, Merak and DJ Ishani. Each day, till the 17th, brings with it, the curation of  a different guest artist.


From Monday, June the 7th to Thursday, June the 17th, from noon to 4pm, thirteen regional outposts of the Alliance Française Network in India and Nepal bring to you a handpicked selection of music from our local scenes. From classical to folk to indie rock and a whole lot more, the Alliance Française Network takes the reins to open yet another window to India and Nepal’s rich musical landscape.

Among the Community Radio artists, Alliance Française of Hyderabad is proud to present our very own The Heartbeats (Western Country/Rock band) comprising of Peter Mario, Joshua Alphonso and Joachim Adams , Harini Rao (Hindustani vocalist) and Poornima Krishna Emani (Carnatic Flautist).

Catch them and many more artists from India and Nepal conjure up a musical feast for you.




The second week of our Fête de la Musique web radio programme kicks off with two accomplished musicians from India, Vian Pareira and Mali, speaking about their experiences in France.

In separate broadcasts at 4pm on the 14th and the 15th of June , Vian and Mali speak about their experiences living in France, the role of an ambassador, coping with the pandemic, and also present a selection of music. This programme is a collaboration with @campusfrance.india apart from our regular collaborators.


The rest of Week 2 of Fête de la Musique comes to you with a whole new gamut of programmes and artists.


The festivities continue beyond the official World Music Day with an Online Junk Percussion Jam/ Workshop  on the 24th June on Zoom and La Taal, an Indo-French live concert on 26th June.


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