Parameshwar’s creativity as an Artist, Calligrapher and his expertise in Communication, Documentation and Publication design, is celebrated across the Globe. In his work, we witness the phenomenon of a new genre that could be termed as iconic -calligraphy.

The artist engages with a distinguished form of expression that traverses both traditional and contemporary terrains.
His images are offspring of an epistemological discernment and the minimalist’s aesthetic, ensuing from his personalized research of iconography, signs, and symbols inherent in the Indian ceremonial culture. He has been practicing for the last 30 years.
Parameshwar is one of the Trustees of Jagdish and Kamla Mittal Museum of Indian Art, Hyderabad. His Book Designs and Documentation work for the Museums have set new standards for Museum Publications and is being followed by leading Museums all over the world.

Calligraphic Art on paper …. The sweeping stroke of the pen and the power of the brush … A workshop on Calligraphy will be conducted by the artist on March 9th and 10th (Sat, Sun) at AFH Gallery from 2 to 5pm. Registration for this is mandatory by 8th March as seats are limited. The fee is Rs.2500/- per person for two days, with material.

Register with  [email protected] for the workshop.


There will be a poetry session by the renowned poet Iqbal Patni presenting the series on The Nurtured Daughter on Friday March 8th, at 6.30pm, a baritoned reading with music and visuals.

An experience of a different kind, not to be missed!