Digital Month – Novembre numérique

Novembre Numérique is a platform to learn French using digital tools available at the resource center.

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09.11 “JOUER”
Serious Gaming Workshops

13.11 “DÉCODER”
Presentation of Culturethèque : This is a digital library, where thousands of documents are available for Alliance Française library members.

23.11 “PENSER”
Kahoot game : Game based on classroom response system played by the entire class in real time. Multiple-choice questions are projected on the screen. Students answer the questions with their smartphones, tablets or computer.

30.11 “CRÉER”
Reading session using Prezi software and introduction to “ Canva” software : It is software that is an alternative to traditional slide-based presentation formats. There are beautiful presentations that can be customized to make your own presentations

Discover the making-of of the exhibition through videos and visit
the photo exhibition at Alliance Française