Presentation on Heritage and Mobility

Urban Design Workshop – ENSAP Bordeaux
in association with  Bordeaux Métropole and Architecture and Design Foundation India

Context : During the 3rd week of June 2016, Architecture and Design Foundation India (ADFI), Bordeaux Metropole and Ensap Bx (school of architecture of Bordeaux) organized a workshop in Bordeaux. Seven Indian Architectures students, 2 Indian architects coordinators of the workshop, alongside French professors and students from EnsapBx studied the impact of the new mobility services currently underway at the Southern sector of Bordeaux Metropole, to the existing mental geography and spatial practices, relative to the heritage sites, in the urban periphery. These new transit stations will provide easy access to significant sites that complement the well-known stone architecture, mostly concentrated in the historic urban core.

About the conference:  During the conference, the students and the two Indian Architects who coordinated the workshop, Mr. Srinivas Murthy and Mr. Samarendra Ramachandra will present the outcome of the workshop. They will share their experience, summarize their understanding, and present their proposal for architectural and urban interventions at key transit stations and the area they serve.