Directed by Francis Veber
A wealthy editor Pierre Brochant and his friends have a competition: every Wednesd

ay, each one of them invites the dumbest jackass he can find for a dinner, where each one of the guests is invited to talk about himself as much as possible. Later, after the guests say goodbye, the group of friends makes fun and elects the most stupid and imbecile guest.

One day Pierre invites François Pignon, a man that makes “maquettes” to forget his beloved wife, who ran away with a friend of his. However, a tough pain in one vertebra of his spinal column does not allow Pierre to meet his friends for the game and so he stays alone with solicitous but clumsy and stupid François in his apartment. Every attempt of François helping Pierre goes wrong, becoming a terrible nightmare for Pierre.

At the 1999 César Awards,  the film was honored with six nominations of which it won three, Best Actor for Jacques Villeret, Best Supporting Actor for Daniel Prévost and Best Screenplay for Francis Veber.