by Stephane DE FREITAS

Each year at the University of Saint-Denis is held the contest
“Eloquentia”, which aims to elect “the best speaker of the department” (suburbs of Paris). Students from this university, all from different backgrounds, decide to participate and to prepare themselves with professionals (lawyers, directors …) who teach them the difficult exercise of public speaking. Over the weeks, they will learn the subtlety of rhetoric, and reveal themselves to others, and especially to themselves. Armed with this new knowledge, Leila, Elhadj, Eddy and the others compete and try to win this contest to become the best speaker of the department.
According to the press the documentary is a beautiful and encouraging vision of the mixed youth of the country. It draws the warm portrait of a new generation and a new France, loudly and eloquently affirming its identity.


Cast:  Real life french students, teachers, lawyers..

Genre: Documentary

Runtime: 1h39

Langage: French with English subtitles


The screening will be followed by a debate to exchange our points of view and discuss topics related to the film. Free and open to all.