[Au bord du monde]


by Claus DREXEL


Paris by night. This is where Jeni, Wenceslas, Christine, Pascal and the others live. Homeless, they haunt sidewalks, bridges and subway corridors, on the edge of a world where society no longer protects them. They face us, they talk to us through a series of interviews and free conversations.
It’s a very beautiful film / documentary, filmed all night long for a year in a Paris deserted from all existence, it gives the floor to the dispossessed people and to those living outside of the norm. Their testimonies tell us about their stories, their conceptions of happiness, their fear, their dignity, their hopes, and about redefining their perception of humanity. The message that emerges is positive.
A beautiful work on the image and sound accompanies this lesson of humanity.


Cast: unknown actors
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 1h38
Language: French with English subtitles


The screening will be followed by a debate to exchange our points of view and discuss topics related to the film. Free and open to all.