Plot: Merci patron! is a French documentary film directed by journalist François Ruffin. The film is critical of the practice of outsourcing French jobs to foreign labour, and in particular it is critical of one of France’s richest people, Bernard Arnault, chairman and CEO of the luxury goods conglomerate LVMH. The style of the documentary has been compared to that of the American director Michael Moore.
The film’s stars are Jocelyn and Serge Klur, former workers at a factory that manufactured clothes for the luxury goods brand Kenzo, owned by LVMH. When the factory was moved to Poland, the couple found themselves unemployed, struggling with debt, and at risk of losing their house.The director and left-wing activist François Ruffin sets out to help the couple, seeking to make Bernard Arnault, head of LVMH, pay compensation to the couple for “ruining their live


Cast: Francois Ruffin, Jocelyne Klur, Serge Klur

Documentary / 1h24 / France


French with English subtitles