BIBI TANGA & Thakitha

Folk Indian and Tribal African music



Bibi Tanga, a singer/producer from Paris, was looking to incorporate Indian folk and tribal style music into his upcoming production. Bibi flew to India to meet John Anthony, a veteran guitarist/producer and the founder of the band Karnatriix, with the idea of composing a couple of songs together. To add a flavor of rhythm and groove, John Anthony regrouped with his long time friend Sunil Kumar a percussionist/singer for this production. Rahul, a bassist/ flutist/DJ, also found his place in the composing sessions.
The three of them formed together the band Thakita. In a week’s time they ended up arranging five songs with a blend of Central African Sangho and Indian Malayalam folk.


Entry: Free and open to all
Venue: BITS Pilani Campus
Dates: March 25th, 7:00pm