Rosy J Mallaparaju (RJM)  is a Reiki Master, an art teacher and a practising art professional for over 20 years. Her work involves a wide array of techniques with Oil, Acrylic and colour pencils. She extensively uses art as a medium for healing and fostering mindfulness. She specializes in painting with her fingers. From fine lines to broad strokes, the techniques are those that she developed over the years. She also expresses her love for art through teaching art as well as conducting workshops.

Rosy finds her inspiration in the connectedness of Art, spirituality and healing. Her creations reflect the subtle links between forms, colours and their association with the world around us. Most of the depictions are her visions that help one to transcend to experience inner peace and Wellness. Her paintings evoke a strong sense of auras, chakras, that blend into the magical world of colours. In this exhibition, she presents the perspective of ‘Colors for Mindfulness’.

She can be reached at [email protected]


Sunkoju Ramesh is an ardent nature lover, his biggest inspiration is from nature….nature is painting for us day after day.. pictures of infinite beauty…fresh and vibrant colors gives positive vibes and motivates me to paint the color of nature….and his works reflects Nature in several forms. His work mainly is  in landscape art, Photorealistic paintings, Abstract nature paintings and Nature painting in water colours. His work is inspired by the nature around us – the feel and impressions of which he  translate very creatively into my works.

He completed his BFA & MFA, and uses brush and knife techniques.

He transforms the richness of nature with a focus on environmental sceneries as his principal subject matter. His painting depict the captivating sceneries of hills, mountains, meadows, rivers, coastal views and many more. His work also leverages photographs of nature to breathe in life into the scene by making it look closer to reality.

He can be reached at [email protected]



Preview Friday 5 April, at 6:30pm

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