Alliance Française of Hyderabad invites you to a solo art exhibition.

Free and open to all!

About the artist:

Rosy J Mallaparaju (RJM) is a self-taught artist, an art teacher, Reiki Healer and Art Therapy coach – a practising professional for over 20 years. Her work involves a wide array of techniques with Oil, Acrylic and colour pencils. She extensively uses art as a medium for healing and fostering mindfulness. She specializes in painting with her fingers. From fine lines to broad strokes, the techniques are those that she developed over the years. She also expresses her love for art through teaching art as well as conducting workshops on different art forms.

In her presentation titled – Confluence of Impressions, at Alliance Française from November 25- December 2, 2019, she presents the varied impressions from life around us. She captures the radiance of energy of everything around us, many that may even be passed off casually. The paintings capture the vividness of form, shape and colour.

Confluence of Impressions extends her work from representing subtleness of energy, themes around mindfulness and healing; and brings out the life around us in form of colours, contrasting shades flowing from each entity -natural and man-made.

She can be reached at [email protected]