Trio artist display on Five Elements (panchatatva) of art

The five elements include 1) Emotions/expressions 2) Rich colors and texture 3) Simplicity of Rural life 4) Natural landscapes 5) Ecosystem.


About Arti Nagpal :

Arti is an artist with a deep and passionate appreciation for beauty in the natural world and within the human spirit. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Paintings (B.F.A) from Jamia Millia Islamia University (New Delhi) and master’s degree in Conservation and Restoration of Art from National Museum (New Delhi) where she received scholarships which are offered to exceptional students.

She has done research in various areas related to paintings and restoration like “The Influence of Folk Art on Contemporary Indian Painting” and “Microbial Deterioration of Paintings on Cellulose Base”.

She has participated in various Art exhibitions held in Delhi, Mumbai & Hyderabad. She has been a disciple of famous contemporary artists like Anjolie Ela Menon, Rameshwar Broota and Arpana Kaur. Her works are part of collections of eminent curators like Sushma Behl, well known galleries like Delhi Art Gallery and many celebrities.

Her subjects come from real life as she tries to analyze humans and their surroundings very closely. Her works are executed in a vibrant, impressionistic style, which – while still retaining its representational roots – incorporates abstract elements, resulting in a uniquely contemporary union.

Oil on Canvas is one of her favorites, but she loves to try out new mediums on different bases. In recent times, she has been busy doing paintings on furniture pieces and it is a bit hit among art lovers who want art not only on the walls but in other forms as well. She has transformed countless boring furniture pieces to contemporary art works. Some of the her such works can also be seen in the collection of galleries like Kalakriti Gallery Café.


Arti’s  work can be viewed as:

1) Rural life  depicted in simplicity, companionship, beauty filled with mixed human emotions

2) Women with well defined eyes and noses bring about new emotions on faces

3) Sketchwork that show bonding, togetherness filled with   Feelings

4) Mixed media painting describe about the importance of reading books and friendliness.


About Purnima Gupta:

“I love to explore new ways to paint with a lot of texture. I have been painting for almost ten years. My interest has been with developing faces and figures and playing with a lot of texture. I have been experimenting with all kinds of media,be it clay, glass, textile , pebbles.etc. i like putting in a lot of textures in my work . I don’t plan a layout, and just go with my instincts to apply colours or texture. I was very impressed with Lucas’ famous story “The Face On the Wall” and keep finding a face here and there in the texture surface. I create. I like vibrant colours, which I probably imbibe from the bright coloured attire, women in India wear.”

To follow her:


Purnima’s Art can be summarized as:

1) Facial expressions emanating from colorful abstract background

2) Rich colors on facial features define mixed emotions

3) Thick textures and impasto emphasis the depth of emotions

4) Emotions can also be seen in visual position of eyes



About Premnath Basa:

Premnath Basa or ‘Prem’ for short is a native of Nirmal (famous for wooden toys), Telangana region. Though trained as scientific researcher by education and profession, painting is his newly found passion. Coming from an artist family, has helped him immensely in quickly learning painting technique.

His painting style has been influenced by careful and laborious observation of European impressionist and post-impressionist artworks. Prem finds pleasure in creating canvases rich in color and texture. Therefore, current theme for AF gallery include “Bold colors and brush works” of imaginary landscape art, portraiture and still life with dynamic background.


Premnath Basa’s  art depicts:

1) Rural life shown in terms of natural beauty of greenery, farming landscapes, and farmers professions

2) The intimacy between humans and mountainous landscapes is depicted in some paintings to show spiritual connection between both

3) Human emotions also depicted to show the changing ecosystem of natural habitat that is affected by human activities

4) Some floral art to show the beauty and expressive nature of flowers


Entry free and open to all

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