Love, peace, and balance are all about everything in the world.
All we need is love in the world to maintain Peace & Balance on the Earth. The LOVE – PEACE-BALANCE is an art series manifested for the exploration of multiple creative possibilities and mediums, and to express and spread love to its maximum, unbounded capacity. This series is a part of Manohar Chiluveru travel project ODYSSEY.
The project series will participate in various Art fairs & Art Weeks. The project series aims to develop monumental public sculptures in varied public spaces in the coming years. The show will feature Paintings, Sculptures, and Digital prints and invite the viewer to take part in video record & to pose for photographs voluntarily as an artistic expression.
This project series aims to try and make our environment and spaces more meaningful, beautiful, and lovable by creating artworks, inviting people, and features within it to
promote the feeling of harmony. The recurring motifs and symbols of love, through monumental sculptures, artistic expressions, and forms for visual and contemplative interaction, are planned as triggers of human emotion.
Love is a powerful emotion and feeling that makes us experience joy and motivates us as humans to care for everything we love. When we love, we will be motivated and groomed to care for it. While the world seems taken over by conflict, deep down, we would like for every person and community to care for peace, humanity, fulfilling relations, duties, and responsibilities and contributing well to society.
At present, we may live in exciting times because we are inventing amazing things and technological wonders. At the same time, we are also creating many possible negative impacts because of imbalanced acts in using these innovations that are causing harmful consequences. In current times, one of the crucial thought or message we should tell ourselves and share is how much we need love to make the correct use of significant innovations. And make use of our global resources in a balanced way to maintain peace in the world and sustain joy. Significance must be on innovations for love-Peace-Balance and not war and destruction in a rapidly progressing but fragmenting society in the world.
Love for self, Love for humanity, friendships, responsibilities, knowledge, art and culture, inventions, and practical use of great inventions as a boon and make life on the planet earth more beautiful and joyful. All we need is LOVE -PEACE – BALANCE
Nothing can be achieved by violence; all we need is love, Peace & balance.
Manohar Chiluveru
Theme abstract
As an artist, you never know what inspires you and where ideas come from: day to day life, current information, one’s own environment, exposure to different cultures, situations, art, etc…
With all the different references and experience when you work within the studio with a regular routine, mood and practice along with familiar setup and arranged environment, the approach and work production is of a particular type. You would have enough time to think, many ideas and memories to recollect in the mind and enough space to make choices. Sometimes, if you already know what you are doing to do, then that would be a different kind of approach and work environment.
I would like to see and experience what happens if I paint or engage with art activity spontaneously, continuously for 24 hours, without developing any preconceived idea or conceptual imagination or preparation, but just flow organically. I would like to understand the possibilities.
What will happen? How will the mind program and function; how hundreds of thoughts, feelings, and memories flow in the mind and how the brain will take chances on absolute being and awareness of the present, above any other anxiety about art or market consciousness.
Manohar Chiluveru is on a quest – over the years he has developed a research oriented practice that probes social constructs, investigates human sentiment and response, and identifies crucial streams of thought in a fluctuating and fast changing environment. His works are imbued with a deep sense of awareness towards his time, and his own place and purpose in the world. He interacts with the various layers of life, and abstracts these into narrative renditions that are both complex and poetic. Working with painting, sculpture and installation, Manohar is keenly drawn and attracted towards a large scale, and in recent years his canvas has literally and metaphorically expanded to engage with specific sites, vast spaces, gatherings of people, and the public at large. At the core of his engagement is a desire to both question, and find answers to some of the most deeply embedded socio-cultural anxieties of the present generation of inhabitants on earth. We are living at a time of conflict and separation, migration and loss of belonging. Everywhere, globally, rifts emerge and the earth appears to be fighting multiple onslaughts on her biodiversity. An artist’s role becomes one of responsibility, to share the burden and to provoke thought; to embed communication and dialogue within an art practice.
Producing a philosophical platform that integrates his personal world-view with that of his audience, Manohar constructs a living act of art that organically unites the participants and results in shared commentaries and experiences. His constant travels and interactions with people from varied nations and regions has bolstered his attempts at discovering diversity and erasing difference through art. His current project is one that has been developed over a long period of study and experimentation and patiently put into practice. He believes in the power of creative energies and assumes the role of a facilitator as he embarks on a novel journey and sensitively integrates himself within a new and alien atmosphere. He is also experimenting with the idea of durational, yet intuitive painting that expands through an ephemeral, unplanned response to the present moment.
Manohar’s idea of art embraces the physical, present self as it does the absent psycho-spiritual self – it engages with the past, present and future, distilling contemporary experience and building multidimensional meaning into artistic expression.
Lina Vincent
About the artist:
Manohar Chiluveru’s work addresses questions connected with individual and collective identities, global connectivity and relational aesthetic. His Collective Paintings and performances have been recently presented in: Pune Biennial (India, 2017); MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome (2017); MAAM Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove (Rome, 2017); “Art & Connectography”, Arts & Globalization Platform’s program for Manifesta12 Biennial (Palermo, 2018). The next chapter of the project Odyssey will be showcased in the second edition of Something Else – Off Biennale Cairo (Egypt, 2018).
Previously, his work has been exhibited in one-artist and group shows as: “Under One Sky” group show of Luciano Benetton Collection, Dianxi Science and Technology Normal University (China, 2016-2017); “Possible Effect” solo show, collateral event of Kochi-Muziris Biennial (India, 2015); “Personal Structure. Crossing Borders” Palazzo Mora and Palazzo Bembo, group show during the 56th Venice Biennial (2015); “Amour”, solo show, Alliance Française (Hyderabad, 2014); “Imagine Heart”, solo show at IAF Indian Art Fair (New Delhi, 2014); “Meta-Matters” solo show at Salar Jung Museum (Hyderabad, 2013); “Imago Mundi”, group show at Fondazione Querini Stampalia, as a collateral event of the 55th Venice Biennial (2013).
Odyssey is a series of art works by Manohar Chiluveru, envisioned as a project that will travel to 24 art capital cities around the globe. It is planned as a long term project that will result in the production of 24 public sculptures and large canvases envisaged as a metaphorical suggestion of 360 degrees of separation or continuity. The artist has begun on the first of these canvas works, sized 12 x 30 feet, in Hyderabad. The other canvases will be developed in the next 23 cities in collaboration with local artists. Realized during a structured travel plan, the artist will interact and create the canvases that are also a referral to 24 frames; which is a narrative and metaphor for motion and moving. The extended project also includes the public performative and collaborative event “The Balance & Race” involving participation of diverse sections of people in general and creative people in particular.
Free and open to all!