Deccan Spacea solo Art Exhibition of recent drawings by Maredu Ramu, MFA Painting from University of Hyderabad, will be on display at Alliance Française Hyderabad Gallery  from July 19th to 26th, 2019.

Maredu Ramu was deeply engrossed in contemplating and excavating visual array of thoughts based on “water, as the essential element’, for quite some time. The series was rendered photo realistically and amalgamated the flora surrounding the caged ‘Air Valves”, that regulate the distribution of water in the cities.
The concept and core idea of his work gradually moved towards exploring the Urban terrain, with all its modern pomp and glory. The deteriorating and vanishing green expanses and the ever so increasing encroachment on them by human beings, gets exemplified through his work with the support of strong metaphorical images/elements.
The construction sites with concrete and other materials used for building structures, reign over the picture surface. The orphaned birds tip toe and get nestled amidst the construction sites. While trying to find a warm place to get settled they are often shown surrounded by huge pillars and half built structures in the paintings.
The series has however also excelled in inculcating into the visual language the mention of the modern lifestyle, its varied idioms/engagements and attractions. The hoardings in the works reflect the realities of urban life. The huge advertisements exemplify the fact that almost every possible idea and thing can be sold. From the realization of the physical change that has taken place in the urban areas the artist has subtly moved towards unveiling the psychology and mindset of the people that has also mutated/changed /developed in large extent, (the artist believes).
Ramu says, “The façade and the physical appearance, gets the utmost importance, in today’s world. Through my work I am just showing that every aspect of existence, in a city, is ever changing and ever evolving. I am trying to depict that change through my work. For instance, the women in my works are metaphors that reinstate the present, contemporary and modern stance of womanhood. Since I stay in Hyderabad, I often include visual images from the city as an indispensable part of my work.”
The hoardings, construction pillars, popular images from advertisements and text grant the works conceptual relevance and allegorical strengths. As an inhabitant of the city of Hyderabad, the artist traverses and contemplates about the city through his visual expressions. Each work brings forth the eclectic amalgamation of varied images/contemporary thought processes as the artist absorbs them from his immediate surroundings.
Palak Dubey

The preview was at 6.30pm on Friday July 19th ,   in the presence of the Director, AFH, Mme Aude-Emeline, well kown artist Sri. Laxma Goud,  many artists and art lovers …

The Chief Guests for the evening were:

Ho-Kiku A. Vineetha Sunil Kumar, President – Ikebana International Hyderabad Chapter # 250, Ikebana Master,   and

Dr. Kamala Devi Anagani, Sr. Consultant Anaesthesiologist, Maxivision Eye Hospitals & Care Hospitals, Hyderabad, Medical Blogger & Philanthropist.


Location: AF Auditorium

The exhibition is open to all from 9.30am to 8pm on all days.

Entry: Free and Open to All !

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