Nature City

banyanflattenSoazic Guezennec is a French artist settled in Mumbai. Her multimedia work mix painting, video, installations, sculpture and paper. As a romantic artist, she explores the planet to observe the beauty of the nature, to see how fragile but also how resistant it can be.

guezennec_4For this exhibition, the artist has created an imaginary real estate agency. The agency is taking existing architectural projects to incorporate wild nature elements into it.

Noticing the gap between the concept of “Nature City” plugged by the real estate adverts and the reality, Soazic Guesennec designes architectural projects which take the real estate slogans at their word, creating a city where nature would reassert itself, in a p oetic and sometimes violent way. It gives birth to exuberant creations where buildings turn into waterfalls, mashrooms invade the town, and mountains fall from the sky like landscape prostheses.

Visitors are invited to express their desires and habitat dreams, and are encouraged to become members of the community of these highly subjective constructions.