To Our Loves: The Ties That Wound
a film by Maurice Pialat

French Film with English Subtitles
Year: 1983
Duration: 102 minutes

A nos amour4This is an award winning French film starring well-known French actress Sandrine Bonaire. This film has won
César Award for the Best Film, 1984
César Award for the most promising Actress, 1984
Louis Delluc Award, 1983

At a vacation resort where she is rehearsing No Trifling with Love, 15-year-old Suzanne rejects her boyfriend Luc and gives herself, without any real pleasure, to a visiting young American. Back to Paris, she has other love affairs. Clashing with her parents, she comes up against a neurotic mother, a father who suddenly decides to leave the family nest, and falsely protective brother. Suzanne seeks herself while going from one guy to another, her marriage ends in failure. In a plane taking her to California