Type: Event
Location: La Makaan
City: Hyderabad
Date: Tue, 2011/09/13 – 7:00pm
Price: Open to all
Duration: 1h20

Documentary screening Victoire Terminus directed by Renaud Barret and Florent De La Tullaye 2008, 80 min or 1h20

Set in the summer of 2006 in Kinshasa, Congo, Victiore Terminus follows the lives of Martini, Jeannette, Helene and Rosette, four outspoken female boxers from the city’s gheto. Everyday they meet to spar in Tata Rafael stadium and train with coach Judex, a former boxer struggling to organise a tournament with no money to pay his fighters. The women box for reasons that go far beyond financial gain. For some, it is to defend themselves against abusive partners in a culture of misogyny; but for all of them boxing is about empowement. Meanwhile, the fight for the presidency of Congo rages as thousands flock to the stadium for political rallies. The women use the ring to take out their frustrations regarding corrupt presidential candidates. Victoire Terminus is a gripping portrait of a contemporary Congo where hope is still alive for the Kinshasa women who box.

Tuesday, 13th September at 7 pm

La Makaan, Road no 1, Banjara Hills,