Wall Art #3

🎨Wall-Art 3🎨
The third edition of the wall art festival ended with vibrant and fun memories with Sandre, a Breton artist from Paris, putting her colorful animation touch on the long driveway wall (8×5 feet) of the Kalakriti Art Gallery in Hyderabad. In two days and a half of work, she managed to create a new landmark for the Hyderabad city.

Among the spirited cartoon characters inspired by the ‘Palapitta’, Telangana state’s bird, Sandre managed to display variations of brilliant blues by using different hues.

The French artist had previously created a mural in Colombo and was set to fly to two more Indian cities after Hyderabad: Udaipur and Chandigarh.

Head to Kalakriti Art Gallery to see Sandre’s beautiful work and witness the merry crew formed by lively cartoons!


About Sandre 

Sandre is a Breton artist based in Paris, France, whose work lies at the intersection of urban and technological practices. After studying animation, she ventured off the beaten path and sought to showcase her art for all to see by creating murals in the streets of Paris as well as in numerous countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, and Belgium.

She also creates mappings for events and animations on immersive devices, such as at the Atelier des Lumières in Paris.

Her style is situated on the border between naive, surreal, and ironic narration, composed of cartoonish characters that are highly colorful and nuanced. Working on large-scale curves allows her the freedom to fully express her movements while bringing her various characters to life.


About Wall Art festival 

This year, the 4 wall-artists were Sandre, Super Bab, Jace & Millerink, crossing the country looking for fresh paintings! This Indo-French teams became the actors of a new urban storytelling in 14 cities. New this year, Sri Lanka joined the adventure for a festival beyond borders. Also new this year, artist Kneethi, present at last year’s event, joins the Graffiti Réunion Festival (Réunion Island, a French overseas territory) for a new collaboration.

This adventure was made possible thanks to the support of the Institut Français, France Volontaire Réunion and JSW paint.

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