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In close collaboration with the French ministries of education, foreign affairs, research, culture, and industry, Agence CampusFrance focuses its efforts on two essential goals:

  •  Telling the world about the breadth and depth of French higher education and scientific expertise. CampusFrance has a global communications and marketing strategy, implemented through our network of local offices and through our web of partnerships.
  • Offering international students and scholars a full range of essential support services to allow them to make the most – academically and personally – of their stay in France.

The website eliminates the need for students to make an initial visit to their local office and guides them in their queries; they can set up a personal mailbox to correspond with their local CampusFrance staff and, once they have indicated their wish to pre-register in a particular discipline, they can correspond directly with a representative of the institution they would like to attend.
Students are aided by a powerful search engine managed by CampusFrance which provides information on more than 30,000 higher education courses. The online catalog is continually updated and easy for foreign students to understand thanks to simplified terms and translation into four main languages.
Students can then visit their local CampusFrance office where they will be assisted by staff that have been specially trained by the agency and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With their help, students can finalize their educational decision and complete the pre-consulate procedures: the motivation interview, verification of diplomas and creation of a digitized file accessible to the higher education institutions concerned. Supplementary informational materials can also be found in the local CampusFrance office.

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