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Akim El Sikameya

Type: Event Location: Qutb Shahi Tombs City: Hyderabad Date: Fri, 2011/10/14 – 7:00pm Price: Entry by invites Duration: 2 hours Alliance Francaise of Hyderabad presents Akim El Sikameya Arab-Andalusian music With the support of the French Embassy Born in Algeria, Akim El Sikameya is a free and libertine artist. At the age of eight, he joins the well-known Arab-Andalusian music school Nassim El Andalous and learns ... Read More »

Puppet theatre “Until Life”

Type: Event Location: Vidyaranya School, near Secretariat City: Hyderabad Date: Fri, 2011/09/23 – 7:00pm Price: Open to all Duration: 1 hour   About the play Layering shadows, puppets, masks and acting, the play presents a pachwork of short stories. All are articulated around questions of behaviour of the human kind and around a screen which could represent alternatively a tree, the planet, or the cosmos. About ... Read More »

Western Classical and Jazz Concert

Type: Event Location: Taj Banjara City: Hyderabad Date: Tue, 2011/09/20 – 7:00pm Price: Entry by invites – Print them here Click here to print the invites T ue, 20th September at Taj Banjara Alliance Francaise of Hyderabad presents Western Classical and Jazz concert : Le Chartier Moqadem ERIC LE CHARTIER, Trombone Eric le Chartier was born in North-Western France, where he studied musical analysis and writing. He then continued ... Read More »

French short Films

Type: Event Location: Prasad Film Lab Preview Theatre City: Hyderabad Date: Fri, 2011/09/16 – 6:30pm Price: Open to all Duration: 2 hours Montparnasse – Director: Mikhael Hers One night, three young women, the neon lights of the boulevards, some empty streets, a shopping mall, a quiet garden, the square facing the tower, the esplanade of the train station, a camera, a concert, a terrace, then the ... Read More »

Photo exhibition

Type: Event Location: Muse Art Gallery, Marriott City: Hyderabad Date: Thu, 2011/09/15 – 7:00pm Price: Open to all Duration: 1 hour Alliance Francaise of Hyderabad invites you to Digital Exhibition of the photo competition (Winning photographs projected on a screen) Women’s planet On thursday 15th september at 7 pm at Muse Art Gallery, Marriott OPEN TO ALL Read More »

Doc Splash!

Type: Event Location: La Makaan City: Hyderabad Date: Tue, 2011/09/13 – 7:00pm Price: Open to all Duration: 1h20 Documentary screening Victoire Terminus directed by Renaud Barret and Florent De La Tullaye 2008, 80 min or 1h20 Set in the summer of 2006 in Kinshasa, Congo, Victiore Terminus follows the lives of Martini, Jeannette, Helene and Rosette, four outspoken female boxers from the city’s gheto. Everyday they ... Read More »

Swiss film festival

Type: Event Location: EFL University, New Academic Block, No.1 City: Hyderabad Date: Tue, 2011/08/30 – 5:30pm Price: Open to all Duration: 98 min Home by Ursula Meier (subtitled in english) A family’s peaceful existence is threatened when a busy highway is opened only meters away from their isolated house in the middle of nowhere. Refusing to move, Marthe, Michel and their three children find innovative ways ... Read More »

Swiss film festival

Type: Event Location: EFL University, New Academic Block, No.1 City: Hyderabad Date: Mon, 2011/08/29 – 5:30pm Price: Open to all Duration: 95 min Mon frere se marie (my brother is getting married) by Jean Stephane Bron (subtitled in english) Vinh, a Vietnamese refugee, was adopted 20 years earlier by a Swiss festival and is now about to get married. His Vietnamese mother seizes this opportunity to ... Read More »

Documentary screening

Type: Event Location: Goethe Zentrum, Hill Fort Road, Nampally City: Hyderabad Date: Sat, 2011/08/27 – 5:30pm Price: Open to all NHK documentary: Dismantling Nuclear Power Plants In a world increasingly concerned about global warming and competition for power sources, nuclear power is enticing because it provides cheap energy with little carbon dioxide emissions. The problem is what to do with decommissioned plants and nuclear waste ... Read More »

Swiss film festival

Type: Event Location: EFL University, New Academic Block, No.1 City: Hyderabad Date: Fri, 2011/08/26 – 5:30pm Price: Open to all Duration: 120 min Vitus by Fredi M.Murer (subtiled in english) February 2006 Vitus is a boy who almost seems to be from another planet: He has hearing like a bat, he plays piano like a virtuoso and studies encyclopaedias at the age of five. No wonder ... Read More »