FR’ondes RADIO – Everyday from 3:30pm


Launched on the 19th December 2017, FR’ondes RADIO: Entre Nous! was founded by two students at AF Hyderabad.

Animated by “Babloo”, the radio proposes everyday a panel of local and international news in English and later translated in French.

Apart from the daily news, FR’ondes proposes different programmes:

  • Interviews

20th Dec.: Delphine Delas, French urban artist

  • Philosophical discussion

19th Dec.: L’Etranger (A. Camus)

21st Dec.: La Nausée (J.-P. Sartre)

  • Bookbox (radiophonic reading)

20th Dec.: Commissaire Maigret (Simenon)

  • Promotion of cultural events at AFHyderabad

Online radio:

FB page:

Everyday from 3:30pm, to listen on a loop till the next day.