Street Art Festival

From 1st to 13th Nov 2016 | Necklace Road, Alliance Francaise Hyderabad, Kalakriti Art Gallery About St+ Art The St+Art India foundation is a non-profit organization that works on art projects in public spaces. The aim of the foundation is to make art accessible to a wider audience by taking it out of the conventional gallery space and embedding it ... Read More »

CINEMA: Animation Film Festival

Entry: Free Where: Alliance Francaise, Banjara Hills When: October 5th – October 26th, 6.30 pm onwards The Animation Film Festival aims to sensitize the public and the media to the “image by image” cinema and thus contribute to the promotion of films and their creators. Its genesis and implementation are organised along with the World Animation Films Day, celebrated on October ... Read More »

Exhibition – International Photography Competition 2016 “Objective Sport”

As a part of Indian Photography Festival 2016 Inauguration: 28th Sept@ 6:30pm| From 29th September – 9th October | 10am-5pm | Alliance Française Gallery Context: Each year Fondation Alliance Française organizes an International photography contest within the wide network of Alliance Française, spread across all the 4 continents. This year the topic of the competition was “Objectif Sport”, and non-professional ... Read More »

FRENCH FILM – Belle et Sébastien

English Title: Belle and Sebastian| Director :Nicolas Vanier | First release: 2013 |Casting: Félix Bossuet, Tchéky Karyo, Margaux Chatelier |Duration: 98min |Genre: Adventure | Language: French with English subtitles Synopsis : This film is based on a novel with the same name written by Cécile Aubry. In 1943, in the French Alps, Sebastian, a seven year old orphan boy is living with César, an adoptive “grandfather” ... Read More »

Heritage Walk – Monsieur Raymond’s Tomb

Walk to Monsieur Raymond’s tomb as a part of Jash-e-Hyderabad Festival  in association with Hyderabad Trails This year Alliance Française Hyderabad will partner with Hyderabad Trails and co-organize a walk to Monsieur Raymond’s Tomb within the famework of Jashn-e Hyderabad Festival, which celebrates 425th birthday of Hyderabad. The participation in this wak is free, and is open to everybody. About Monsieur Raymond ... Read More »

Art Exhibition – Emerging Palettes

Emerging Palettes by young contemporary artists in association with Shrishti Art Gallery and Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad About the Exhibition: Emerging Palettes is an annual art exhibition organized in collaboration with Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad and Shrishti Art Gallery. In its 8th year, the exhibition expands to artists who have completed the MFA/MVA from any college in the last four years. The artwork for the ... Read More »

FRENCH FILM – Capitaine Conan

The Dangers of Valor: Bertrand Tavernier’s Capitaine Conan Director :Bertrand Tavernier | First release: 1996 |Casting: Philippe Torreton, Samuel Le Bihan, Bernard Le Coq |Duration: 2h9min |Genre: fiction, war | French with English subtitles Synopsis : This movie is a rare occasion to be both entertained by elaborate and spectacular action scenes which are the heart of the film and questioned by the deep reflection ... Read More »


About the film English Title: Not my Type Director :Lucas Belvaux First release: 2014 Casting: Emilie Dequenne, Loic Corbery, Sandra Nkake, Charlotte Talpaert Duration: 111’ Genre: Romantic Comedy French with English subtitles Synopsis : When a young Parisian philosophy professor Clément is transferred to the northern French town of Arras, his world is turned upside down. He dislikes the provincial life, which is ... Read More »


Celebration – FRENCH NATIONAL DAY hosted by The Consul General of France with the support of  Keoilis Hyderabad, Bharathi Cement, Limagrain History : The French National Day commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution with the storming of the Bastille, referring to 14 July 1789 when a massive crowd of Frenchmen rose up and invaded the prison, a symbol of the ancient regime, which ... Read More »


Presentation on Heritage and Mobility Urban Design Workshop – ENSAP Bordeaux in association with  Bordeaux Métropole and Architecture and Design Foundation India Context : During the 3rd week of June 2016, Architecture and Design Foundation India (ADFI), Bordeaux Metropole and Ensap Bx (school of architecture of Bordeaux) organized a workshop in Bordeaux. Seven Indian Architectures students, 2 Indian architects coordinators of ... Read More »