CINECLUB – Forbidden – JUNE 5 7:00pm


Forbidden (2013)



1979. Carole is 20 years old and has a strong political commitment. Nothing is worse than the lack of freedom: she wants to realize it herself bygoing to Odessa, in USSR. Jerome, her cousin, who does not have the same political conscience, is fascinated by the girl. Because he can not separate from her, he agrees to accompany her to the Soviet Union.
On site, they pose as students and visit museums during the day. At night, they secretly meet Russian Jews threatened by the communist regime for wanting to flee the country. The meetings follow one another until the day when their actions are discovered. They are then confronted with the harshness of the regime…



Cast:  Soko, Jérémie Lippmann, Vladimir Fridman, Ania Bukstein, Martin Nissen

Genre: History, Drama

Runtime: 1h36

Language: French with English subtitles


The screening will be followed by a debate to exchange our points of view and discuss topics related to the film. Free and open to all.